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WMA Rochester- The Agency

WMA Rochester is a model/talent management company representing professional models and actors. We are the only agency in Upstate New York with professional offices in a commercial building. After operating our agency for over 25 years, we are confident in our services and the roads our representation opens.

Professional talent management is a service we provide ONLY to experienced/developing models or actors who are ACCEPTED into the agency. Experienced models or actors seeking representation are requested to apply online via the link provided below. Attend a regular OPEN CALL or contact the office directly to set up an interview.  If you are an experienced model or actor click on this link to pre-register for an Open Call! REGISTER ONLINE

W Evolve Studios

WMA ROCHESTER., the largest and most successful agency in Upstate New York, has created one of the finest professional training centers in Upstate New York. WEVOLVE STUDIOS.

Because of the lack of opportunity for development, WEvolve Studios is the only legitimate scouting and development company in Upstate New York, owned and operated by successful modeling agency owner Billy Powell. As the Agency Director of WMA Rochester, Billy has 24+ years of experience as an agent/agency owner in the modeling/acting business, as well as scouting, developing, and booking talent in the Upstate New York region. Billy along with his professional staff and instructors are uniquely qualified to guide you in learning about the modeling and acting business and how you can be a part of it.

The studio offers a comprehensive and intensive training program designed with the emerging career-oriented model/actor in mind. We take immense pride in our program, offering innovative resume worthy professional workshops for students in acting and modeling. For more information, click here: W-Evolve

We are dedicated to scouting and professional development of the best talent in the area for larger markets as well as Upstate New York.

If you're interested in learning about the business from former professionals in the business, W Evolve Studios offers what you need to succeed! Get started today! Call us or attend any of WMA Rochester's Open Calls to find out more!

* PLEASE READ OUR UPFRONT POLICY: The modeling and acting industry is very competitive. Although our training programs will teach competitive techniques, tricks of the trade, auditioning skills, modeling/acting skills plus the business skills required to succeed in the industry, success is dependent on the individuals drive, ability and persistence to learn, grow and succeed. Taking any training classes or workshops does not guarantee jobs, representation by WMA Rochester or any other agency. We will never use high pressure tactics, misrepresentation, allude to or use agency representation as a lure to convince anyone into paying tuition fees to enter into our professional development program. Despite what some detractors and narrow-minded souls living in the past will say, there is quite a lot to learn about this industry. Especially if you are new to it. You need to understand the myriad of choices you'll need to make in order to navigate a career. It's not about just being a pretty face or "being born with it". Being born with it is an attribute but that alone does not equal success. We know lots of talented individuals who have failed in their pursuits. However, given the skills and know-how to make the right choices along with our dedicated guidance builds knowledge and skills which breeds successful working models and actors.

W Evolve Fashion Arts Studios casting encompasses a modern casting facility with a large studio, offices, dressing rooms, make-up and meeting space to host small to large castings. Digital stills, video and streaming castings are available. WiFi, office equipment, food and beverage service available. Listed on ProductionHUB.com in Casting Facilities in Rochester, New York

For more information on WMA Rochester call 585-244-0592 or attend an Open Call Event.