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Modeling and Acting Schools | W Evolve Studios

W Evolve final logo largeW Evolve Studios- Modeling and Acting Studio for Development of New and Experienced Talent!



W Evolve Studios is an acting and modeling conservatory studio providing professional acting and modeling workshops. We understand that most talent at the beginning of their careers are not ready to face the daunting challenges that the industry can pose. By offering, modeling and acting workshops and building professional skills, our students are better equipped to handle the competition they will face at auditions and go-sees. W Evolve Studios is committed to the development of aspiring models and actors to that of a highly trained professional. That is the primary and ultimate goal. What we offer is real honest career counseling, industry guidance/advice, industry experts who teach world-class modeling and acting coursework to students interested in self-improvement and obtaining success in the industry. Experienced or inexperienced talent have the opportunity to evolve at any level of their career.


Students are accepted on the basis of an interview and/or audition. Auditions/Interviews are granted to aspiring actors and models following either an attendance to an open call event, referred by an agency or by a direct invitation or instructor referral. Actors are asked to prepare a one-minute monologue either comedic or dramatic from a published work and are interviewed. Cold reads will also be administered. Models are expected to attend an interview, cold read and asked to bring appropriate clothing so that we can evaluate body type and physique. Fashion model types will be asked to walk for runway assessment.

Instructor Evaluations

We believe that true growth in any student is built upon them obtaining objective and constructive feedback. Following course attendance and completion, students are given a written evaluation of their work performed by the instructor. This crucial element of the educational process is what helps our students understand their achievements, strengths and weaknesses. The evaluation process so critical to development, helps both instructor and students understand what path a student can then take on the road to success in the industry.

For New Models or Actors!

If you are just getting started in the industry, training is where it starts! Success in any industry requires skills, know-how, tips, techniques, advanced ability and experience. At W Evolve, our goal is to get you New York ready and able, so that you can move into a career.

For Experienced Models or Actors!**

What does experienced model or actor mean in our world? It means a model or actor who has trained, worked professionally and has accrued substantive credits that translate into a “ready to book” talent. If you are that individual, our workshops listed exist solely to support areas of training on the intermediate to advanced level so that talent is able to further development goals. Workshops are optional and at the sole discretion of experienced qualified models or actors. ** Experienced talent is seen in an individual private audition where resume, skills and portfolios are evaluated and reviewed for current marketability plus agency compatibility.

From basic to advanced, the course-work is well defined, purposeful and aimed at focusing in on skills necessary to compete for professional acting and modeling work. Below is a list of some of the workshops W Evolve Studios currently offers.


Acting for TV Commercials

This workshop will continue to build on what was learned in Auditioning for Commercials with an emphasis on acting skills and strengthening performance based skills.

Acting for Film

This acting workshop addresses the basics and intermediate skills needed for actors/models interested in acting technique for film. Actors who train or have previously trained in theater are recommended to this curriculum so that an understanding of the techniques can be fully explored and exposed. Studies include methods from Stanislavsky, Adler, Strassberg and Meisner and perspectives on how the director works. Audition pre-requisite required.

Acting Out for Kids and Teens

How do say "fun". Kids and Teens learn about their inner creative self using improvisation exercises, simple scripts and working in teams to explore their acting potential.

Auditioning for Commercials

Commercials and Industrial Films are opportunities for both models and actors. Students will learn to master basic audition techniques and comprehension skills. All sessions are videotaped with advanced coursework offered to those who demonstrate the ability to excel in this area of the industry.

Building Confidence and Personal Presentation

The confidence you project and the way you present yourself to others is of utmost importance in this industry. In 5-10 seconds, you'll be judged on who you are by industry professionals. There are no second chances. If you are shy and unsure of yourself this course will run you through self-assessment exercises and give you a plan for developing confidence so that you project a confident self-image.

Business of Modeling and Acting

A well rounded workshop which opens the door to talent marketing, industry tips and how to's on the business.

Fashion, Image and Style

The history of fashion and trends are discussed. Discovering fashion and your personal image. How to use color and piece wardrobe elements to create your personal style.

Introduction to Pageantry

For any woman, exploring the world of pageantry can be an exciting adventure opening up new possibilities and connections to the industry. In this course, students will learn poise, stage presentation, interview skills and other important aspects of competing in pageants.

Make-up and Skin Care Techniques

The Make-up workshop is rooted in the basic ideals of proper skin care first, techniques, tone, color matching and overall hygiene. Application techniques are reviewed and practiced in this course.

Photo Movement

Photo movement is a required workshop for all models new to the industry. The workshop focuses on the fundamentals of photo posing and techniques.

Runway - Advanced

Runway is fun way to learn poise, presentation and confidence in pursuits requiring personal presentation. Learn from the basics to advanced technique in turns, the walk, discussions on haute couture, tearoom and the history of fashion show modeling are discussed in this exciting workshop. Pre-requisite 5'7" for female and 5'11" for male models


Professional and knowledgeable instructors are the cornerstone of quality education programs provided through W Evolve Studios. All instructors are required to have worked professionally in the industry. Each instructor must demonstrate by virtue of resume and experience, their ability to instruct and their knowledge of the industry. Students will benefit greatly as instructors at the studios are extremely caring, giving, available to help students reach greater heights, achieve higher goals and encourage superior results.

Amanda Wilson - Photo Movement*  Building Confidence and Personal Presentation*

Amanda Wilson has been with WMA for 4 years.  She came to the agency with improvisation experience but had never been professionally trained.  Through the guidance of the agency, Amanda quickly began to book jobs and learn the industry of modeling and acting.  Her most memorable jobs include: a starring role in a TV pilot, a commercial spot as a zombie for an eye drop commercial, and (most recently) a print ad for Eastview mall. Amanda lends much of her success to her career in Education.  Working has a high school English teacher for over 5 years has taught her to be adaptable; a quality that is valued on a shoot.  Her most valuable advice for new talent is to remain humble and always remember your purpose for a shoot "to make everyone's job easy and enjoyable". We are excited to have a gifted teacher and seasoned talent to instruct our Photo Movement workshop along with Amanda's newly developed coursework Building Confidence and Personal Presentation. When it comes to making an impact in this industry, Amanda has the background, skills and knowledge that students will greatly benefit from in this new course.

Billy Powell - Auditioning for Commercials * The Business of Modeling and Acting * Acting for Commercials

Billy Powell is a graduate of Sam Houston State University with a BFA in Theatre. He is an accomplished actor that has performed in numerous theatrical New York touring shows in lead roles such as Tony in West Side Story, Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar, Side by Side by Sondheim, Jaques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris and many others. Additional credits include TV commercials locally and regionally and was an actor in NYC for several years performing principle roles in off-Broadway, repertory theater, cabaret and as a solo act for major cruise lines. His experience spans over 30 years in the industry in Film, TV, Theater, Opera, Radio and Music. Mr. Powell has won Best Actor awards also receiving rave reviews for his work in Theater and was recently recognized for his exemplary portrayal of Homer in the Musical Floyd Collins. As an agency director and teacher, Mr Powell's commitment is providing personal advice and teachings to further his students success as he hopes to help cultivate the careers of many others that have already achieved success as working actors and models. Those currently include, Katie Luddy, Gloria Votsis, Brendan Knight, Rebecca Anderson, Mark O'Neil, Rachel Pettinato, Edsel Patterson, Arlie Harwood and Paul McDonald.


Chris Dell - Acting for Film

Christopher Dell is an alum of the Sanford Meisner Center in North Hollywood, CA. Chris has performed in Theatre throughout the Northeast and his major film roles include credits in the Buffalo Film Festival. His entry into film-making began with a film entitled Sliced Bread which he wrote, starred, and co-directed. He has volunteered with children in the past - most notably lending his voice by narrating an award winning film at the American Film Institute. It centered on child-homelessness. He recently graduated with a M.A. from Goddard College where his thesis proposes a new approach to acting. He has recently taught at the on-screen acting conservatory "Acting Out NY" in Ithaca, NY


Diane Hardgrove - Introduction to Pageantry*

Diane Hardgrove was born on Long Island, NY, raised in Arizona, and currently resides in Rochester, NY with her husband Roy and new puppy Sadie.  She studied dance for fifteen years in the areas of tap, jazz, ballet, and Polynesian. Diane is a 1999 graduate of The University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Science Degree.  Diane has worked closely with the Susan G. Komen For The Cure Foundation and the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer for the past twelve years. She was nominated as the Honorary Chair in 2006 and 2007 for the Southern Arizona Race for the Cure. During her reign as Mrs. Arizona 2006, Mrs. America 2006, and Mrs. World 2007, Diane served at over 300 appearances around the world.  Diane's highlights include the television commercials for the Race for the Cure, guest on KTLA Morning News in Los Angeles, ringing the bell at NASDAQ on Times Square in New York, traveling to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to speak at the Go Red Heart Disease Gala,  presented awards at Muhammad Ali's Celebrity Fight Night for Parkinson's Disease Research in Scottsdale, Arizona, and served as the keynote speaker on leadership at the National Association of Professional Mortgage Women Conference in Orlando, Florida. Diane currently serves as Executive Director for The Mrs. New York America Pageant and Emcee/Co-Host for The Mrs. World Pageant! Diane also works for New York Life as a Corporate Recruiter and WMA Rochester as a Model and Actress!

Erin Wafer - Acting Out for Kids and Teens * Advanced Runway**

As a former Teacher & Director of a modeling and acting school, and with her background in child psychology and the pre-school setting, Erin brings an excitement and a great understanding of children to the classroom. Her love of acting and of children combine for her new class, "Acting Out for Kids and Teens". Find more about Erin, her classes, photography and blogs on her yoga business page, Facebook.com/StretchingKindness

Kaylee Meisch - Make-up and Skin Care Techniques*

Kaylee Meisch, a Rochester area native, is a professional Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist. Kaylee is a married, work-at-home mother of 2. While owning her own internet franchise, specializing in online marketing and shopping annuity mentoring, she also finds time to be a successful freelance Makeup Artist. Kaylee began her journey into the beauty industry in 2006 after graduating from Rush- Henrietta High School. And as a Continental School of Beauty graduate, Kaylee obtained her New York State Cosmetology license in 2007. After working in, and managing various salons for a many years, primarily in the area of Men’s grooming, she hung up her shears to pursue her true passion, Makeup. While Kaylee has been perfecting her craft for years, she has only decided to turn her love for makeup into a career within the past year. In 2015, Kaylee became a contracted Hair and Makeup Artist at WMA Rochester. Her duties include providing beauty services for photo-shoots as well as teaching makeup application classes. Although she is in the early stages of her journey as a freelancer, she has already become a published makeup artist. Kaylee enjoys working with and meeting new clients, whether they may be models, prom goers, brides, or clients of other special events, and is always looking to grow her business. Mrs. Meisch’s cosmetic line of choice is a high end private label company called Motives Cosmetics. All products are available at www.motivescosmetics.com/kayanne Kaylee Meisch can be contacted with business inquiries at [email protected]


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Disclaimer: The talent industry is an ultra competitive business. While training is an important and highly recommended ingredient in cultivating skills and gaining essential knowledge of the business, each student will progress at varying degrees. As such, training will be beneficial but BE ADVISED: Training does not guarantee success or placement!